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C W Horn Debt Collection is registered with the Council for Debt Collectors established in terms of the Debt Collectors Act.  We are bound by the provisions of the Act and subscribe to the Code of Conduct as set out in the Addendum to the Act.

We mainly assist Health Care Providers with “bad debt” recovery. However, we assist any other clients with the collection of their outstanding debt as well.  The collection of bad debt is time-consuming and labor intensive.  Keeping up with legislation and amendments to the Debt Collectors Act is vital in collecting the outstanding fees due to clients.

Our commission fee varies between 20% and 25% depending on the ‘age and the value’ of the outstanding debtors' ledger. We will assist you with a comprehensive analysis of your outstanding book. The Commission is only payable to us once the debt is collected.  


Legal collection fees charged for letters of demand sent, telephone calls etc. will be for the debtor’s account, as provided for in the Sections and Rules of the Statutes of South Africa. 

It is recommended to hand over private accounts on 60 days and medical aid accounts on 120 days after treatment. 

Debt has prescribed if it had been dormant exceeding 3 years from date of service rendered as per the National Credit Amendment Act published 13 March 2015

Working in the medical practice environment for over 26 years we understand the continuation of a good relationship between patient and service provider. We consider that as a priority in dealing with your patients.

We also have experience in the collection of bad debt in various other fields.

Monthly Payment remittance and a comprehensive account progress report will be provided to clients for all accounts handed over to us for collection. Fees collected successfully less the agreed commission will be transferred directly into the service provider’s bank account once monthly. We have the facility to blacklist a debtor with ITC should the debtor fail to settle the outstanding account.


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